There are so many applications for tile and stone today.

No longer is it just for durability or functionality. Tile trends are aligned with the top interior design trends in the world. By offering spectacular design styles incorporated from an extraordinary range of materials, we carefully craft your space with you in mind.

Tile and stone isn't just for floors anymore, let it add texture and effect to your walls, backsplashes, fireplaces and countertops throughout your home.


Porcelain Tile

One of the most durable items you can install in your home, porcelain tile is the most popular of all tile options. Its density is what truly sets it apart from its ceramic predecessor. This gives it the freeze & heat resistance needed for most outdoor installations and eliminates the porosity that you find with natural stone. Improving technology and a focus on design has catapulted the porcelain tile category. All of the beauty with none of the maintenance, it has to be porcelain tile!

Large Format Tile -- Many lines offer sizes up to 24" to 48"


Glass Tile

Glass tile is trendy right now. However modern, transitional or contemporary it may be seen today, it has actually been appreciated by artisans, decorators and homeowners alike for over 1,000 years. Now with developing technology and engineering, glass tiles have enhanced flexibility and there are several brands of glass that are now suitable for floor installations. Some glass tile is also able to be used outdoors on walkways, around swimming pools and even in dedicated water features.


Stone Tile

Stone is a beautiful and durable tile option that encapsulates all of nature's best (and most exclusive!) to bring to your flooring projects. While it does require special care and maintenance, nothing is quite like natural stone. There are several types of stone tile that are topping the charts today, and each distinctive for their own reasons.


Handcrafted Tiles

Artisan and handcrafted tile captures the organic nature of building materials adds a unique, exotic and timeless touch to your tile finishing options. Handcrafted tile is created by hand by artisan tile experts. The tiles are made with attention to detail and are all truly unique. The beauty of these tiles comes from the variations in color, texture and size. All artisan tile and handcrafted tile; glass, stone or metal, have these variations intentionally to contribute to the rarity of each piece and to enhance each exclusive look for a wide range of consumer projects.